Who We Are

Temple of Peace Church is a non-denominational Body of believers. The church was founded in 1993, and operates under the leadership of Pastor Karen L. Wilson. 

Temple of Peace serves as a refuge for those who seek a lasting relationship with Christ, rather than just a religious experience.  Our gifts serve to build families, singles, couples, and any one desiring a closer walk with God.. We believe in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to use ordinary people to do the work of ministry, in serving an extraordinary God!

Our church mission: "Pointing to Salvation, by Lifting up Christ", is based on John 12:32, " And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me." It is faith in this goal, that compels us to serve the Lord by focusing on 3 major areas of Christian development and service.

We believe fellowship is important to God’s plan, according to I John 1:7. “If we walk in the light, as Christ is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” We fellowship through . . .
- Ecclesia Network of Ministries 
- Youth Activities
- Neighborhood Outreach - We C.A.R.E. Neighborhood Project

     * Garden of Peace

     * Community Cupboard Food Co-op Coming 2020

- Serve the City of Newport News
- Fellowship Services that promote Unity 

- One Church Organization 

We believe that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power that enables us to walk in authority in this earth. We pursue the resurrecting power of Christ by hosting or participating in:
- Health Seminars and/or Workshops

- Bible Study and Prayer Meetings

- Community outreach events, partnering with organizations endeavoring to   reach out to our neighbors in and around the area where we worship.

- THRIVE Member - Serving the needs of the 


- Donations to Non-Profits

- Provide Assistance to the Needy

- Collaboration of neighbors in order to meet one another's needs.